Example of Speech XML Mark Up

This is the final paragraph from George W. Bush's Second Inaugural Address:

<p>Thank you.<reference category="supplication" type="direct"><god
            style="name">God</god>bless you and <god
            style="name">God</god>bless the United States of

Something we wanted to take into account while tagging the refrences to God in the speeches was the fact that sometimes, there is more than one usage of the actual word "god" within what clearly seemed to be one actual reference to God, as in the example above. To account for this, we tagged both sentences that reference God as a whole with the tag reference, and individual words, like god, with the tag god. Thus every reference tag has at least one god tag within it, but it can have more than one, as in the example above. In the end, the distribution of reference and god tags was similiar enough that the difference between them was negligible- see the conclusions page for more information.